Adding Work Patterns to your Company

Adding Work Patterns to your Company Work Patterns, Shift Patterns, Working Days, times

What is a Work Pattern?

Work patterns are otherwise known as Shift patterns, and it allows you to set up a working week by choosing the working days and the working times for each day.

A work pattern looks like this on HRLocker

HRLocker allows company admins to create work patterns which then can be assigned to offices and employees. To create a work Pattern

To create a work pattern

  • Log in as an Admin
  • Click on the Settings button on the Black Ribbon
  • Click on the Company tab
  • Scroll down to the View/Add Work Patterns page
  • Click the Add/View Work patterns button
  • Here you can see all the existing work patterns for your company, and view them. If you need to create a new work pattern, click the Add new Work Pattern button
  • Simply enter your times for each working day in the work pattern. Make sure the box is ticked to indicate these are working days
  • If you are creating a night shift that goes into the next calendar day, set the work pattern so that the day the shift starts is the working day and the finish time is the next morning. See the screenshot below to see how a night shift starting at 11pm and endng at 6am the next day would look
  • When you're happy with your work pattern, press submit and this will save in your company settings and this work pattern can be imported into your company offices by managers or admins.