Assigning a work pattern to your employees

Assigning a work pattern to your employees, rolling work patterns

Work patterns are created at company level

They are then imported into a selected office

Finally, they are assigned to employees

What are Work Patterns and What do they do?

Work pattern work alongside the Time On (timesheets) and Time Off (Leave tracking) modules of HRLocker

Assigning a work pattern tells HRLocker which days are working days and their working hours for any employee on any given day of the year. It also allows HRLocker to auto populate timesheets for convenience, and to accurately capture timesheet data when employees are on leave.

Knowing how many hours are in each employee's working day also facilitates HRLocker in operating our Hourly Leave system.

How are work patterns assigned?

In order to assign a work pattern to an employee, you must be a Manager with Directory access for that employee, or an Admin.

Before you can assign a work pattern to your employee, an Admin must first create the work pattern at the Company level, and this work pattern needs to be imported to the employee's office.

Once these steps have successfully been completed, you just need to assign the work pattern to your employee.

If you need to change the work pattern for all employees in an office, this can be done in the office settings by setting a new default work pattern for that office. This will update your staff in that office in bulk.

If the employee requires a different work pattern to their office default work pattern, you can do this by:

  • Click on the Directory button on the Black Ribbon
  • Locate the employee by searching for their name
  • Click View beside their name
    2021-03-01 at 13.46.32
  • Click Settings on the left-hand side ribbon.
  • Here you will see a Working Days section with a link to 'Edit/View' the employee's working days and hours
    2021-03-01 at 13.48.01
  • Clicking View/Edit opens up the list of existing work patterns for that employee with the option to add, edit and remove work patterns
  • From here, you can switch between any of the work patterns in the employee's office and set a start and end date for each work pattern. You can also create work patterns into the future if you know that the employee will be changing to a new pattern in the future
    2021-03-01 at 13.50.53
  • Clicking 'Add new Shift Pattern' on this page will create a new line at the end of the list.
  • To change the start date of the new line, you need to edit the end date of the previous line, so for example, you want a new shift pattern/work pattern to begin from 01/04/2020, you can edit the previous pattern to end on 31/03/2020, press submit to save your update
  • If the staff member regularly rotates between multiple work patterns, the easiest thing to do is create the rows first with the correct dates first, and then when the dates are correct, assign the correct pattern using the dropdown menu to select the relevant pattern for each date
  • Please remember to submit your changes after each step