How to record over time not TOIL

How to record over time not TOIL


Example: Test System: Alan Arrow:

Alan normally works a 37.5 hour week.

His start time is 9 and finish time is 5.30 with an hour for lunch.

Alan’s manager is Elizabeth Byrt- she also approves his timesheets.


To VIEW Alan’s details

  1. Select Directory from the black ribbon.
  2. Select View for Alan Arrow.
  3. Select Settings from the green ribbon.


Alan worked late

– 2 hours on Tuesday 22nd March

– 3.5 hours on Thursday 24th March

Alan saved and then submitted his time sheet.

Alan’s “Timesheets approved by” person is Elizabeth Byrt, and it is Elizabeth who would approve or reject this timesheet.




So when Elizabeth logs on,

She selects Time On from the black ribbon.

Awaiting from the green ribbon.

She sees timesheets from Alan and any another employees.

She can accept or reject these timesheets

(She will accept Alan’s timesheet as she was aware he was working overtime)

Than a manager can generate a report for last month…
Select Reports from the black ribbon.
Select Time On from the green ribbon.
Select Downloads on the left.
Choose the Office, Dept or Employee, or everyone – as you wish.

In my example – I download a timesheet report for March.

Enable the edit function on the spreadsheet.

This is the same spreadsheet but I have expanded details for Alan.