Reviews guide for Employees

Reviews Employee User Guide How to use Reviews as an Employee, 'Real Time Reviews'

What exactly is Reviews?

Reviews is your way to engage and communicate with your manager, to request reviews and to leave feedback for your manager on HRlocker.

HRLocker believes in an Open and Transparent workplace, so we have built a review system that allows a two way communication between employees and managers.

How do I access Reviews?
If Reviews is enabled for your company, just click on the Reviews button on the black ribbon!

What next?

  • You can schedule a review with your manager by clicking Schedule New Review.

  • Choose the date, time, duration and Review type.
  • Press Confirm. This will save the review.

  • The review will now show in your timeline.

My Manager has scheduled a review with me. What do I do?

  • If your manager has scheduled a review with you it will be on your Reviews timeline.
  • Check the date and time. If you are available click the Accept button. If you need to reschedule click Reschedule review.
  • Your manager will be emailed saying you have accepted, or if rescheduling, an email with the new proposed time.

You can type comments or upload documents, images or video files to the review. These can be updated or removed at any point prior to completing the review. 

Now that the review is created, what do I do now?

Here is your first review. You can see the review type, and the date and time in the green box

The Colour of the box in the Timeline is coded to tell you the status of the review: 

  • Pink is Incomplete. This means the review has passed it's scheduled time and is waiting for your manager to complete their part of the review
  • Blue is Awaiting Feedback. This means your manager has completed the review and it is now your turn to complete your feedback. When you provide this feedback, the review will be ready to complete.
  • Green Is a review scheduled in the future. You can enter comments and save them or upload documents that may be relevant to your conversation with your manager
  • Grey is a complete review, no further action is required. This will be displayed in a summary view 

We can see that a Manager has added comments and is waiting employee feedback. You need to enter your comments in each of the tabs and provide a rating (this option might not be available depending on your company policy)

Documentation can be uploaded under tab 4.

Share to notify reviewer of the changes that you have made.

Once you have saved your feedback, you can press the complete button.

The complete button will not be available unless the Manager has already completed the review.

If the complete button is still not available, check that you have added comments to all the tabs and provided a rating, and make sure that the review has been accepted (If not, press the Accept button)

Once the review is complete, it is preserved in your timeline. 

It is now displayed in a summary display format like the screenshot below


If you have multiple reviews in your timeline, you can click on any review to bring it into focus. Scrolling left will show older reviews. Any reviews that require attention (eg: if they are overdue and incomplete) will be given priority in your timeline)


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