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Reviews Guide for Admins, Reviews, Admins 

How to activate Reviews
Reviews is available from  our HR Professional  package. It may be necessary to activate Reviews for your company. If you are on this package and wish to use Reviews, contact HRLocker support using the chat bubble and we will enable it for you.

How to access Reviews
Reviews can be accessed using the Reviews button on the Black ribbon at the top of your screen. If you cannot see this button, it is because Reviews has not been activated in your personal settings page. You can turn it on by doing the following:

  • Log in as Admin
  • Click on your name on the top left corner of the screen
  • Click on the settings button on the White Ribbon
  • Tick the box that says 'Enable Reviews'
  • If you want to make a user the Administrator for all reviews, tick 'Is Reviews Admin'. The Administrator can see all the reviews for the company.

Making a Manager a Reviewer

  • To make a manager a Reviewer, select the manager from the directory and go to settings
  • Enable Reviews
  • Managers can be granted Read Only Access to chosen Offices and Employees. 

Assigning a Reviewer

  • Go to Directory
  • Choose employee, settings
  • Enable Reviews and choose Manager to be their Reviewer

Configuring Reviews

  • Before you start scheduling and completing your reviews, you should configure it to match your performance management goals and review structure.
  • Each of your offices will have a Reviews settings tab
  • Editing the settings in the Reviews settings page will not alter any existing reviews, the changes will only apply to reviews that are created after the change is made.

Customise Labels in your reviews
  • This is where you can change the names of the various tabs that make up the review. You can also add a short description to help your managers and employees complete the review correctly.
    If you edit these, please make sure you submit your changes before leaving the page

Sentiment ratings
  • The sentiment  ratings will appear in the Review tab as a separate rating to the Performance Metrics which can also be enabled. You can choose to enable or disable these ratings and customise them based on your own requirements. 
  • These will be shown under Tab 3 for the reviewer and Tab 4 for the reviewee.
  • You can create your own sentiment heading and label. These will be the same for both tabs.

Reviews Ratings
  • Performance metrics can be enabled or disabled. They will appear in a separate tab at the end of the review. The first element is the Overall rating for the review and this is what will be reported on most of the time.
  • You can change the heading and label based on your requirements.
  • Add additional Performance Metrics, for example, teamwork, integrity etc.

Review Types
  • You can customise which types of review are available for your manager and employees when they are scheduling their reviews.

Accessing Reviews
  • Once Reviews is enabled and you have configured the settings, you can click on the Reviews button on the Black Ribbon to access it.
  • If you have granted yourself Reviews Admin status, you will see a list of every employee who has Reviews enabled on the left hand panel
  • You will see a number of options to filter the list of employees to help you find the employee you are looking for. There is also a search box


  • Admins and Managers have access to the Reviews dashboard for each employee. Clicking the icon next to the employee's name will open a window with some details of the employee's leave, training and sickness record. The dashboard will show sick days taken in the current leave year, as well as sick leave from the previous rolling 12 month period.

Scheduling a review

  • As an Admin, you can schedule a review for any employee. This review will be scheduled between the employee and their designated reviewer. The reviewee and the reviewer will both get an email alerting them of this review with an option to add this appointment to their calendar (eg Outlook or Google calendars)
  • You can also view any reviews that have been created by yourself or by others.
    As an admin you can only edit reviews for employees who you are the reviewer for.
The Review Timeline
  • Once reviews are scheduled they are displayed in a timeline. You can select the review by clicking on it. The colour of the review indicates it's status and there is a legend on screen to state what each colour means.

Completing the review
  • The  reviewer needs to complete their part of the review before the employee can complete their feedback. If all the relevant fields are not completed, then the complete button will not be available.
  • Enter your text into the text fields. Some tabs require both reviewer and employee input, and others are just for either the employee or the reviewer.
  • If the ratings are enabled, then these need to be completed before the manager can complete the review.
  • Documents can be uploaded in the Review tab for the Manager, and Employee Feedback tab for employees.

  • The Review will not be able to be completed until all areas have been completed. 
  • As Admin you have the option to prompt the manager and employee that sends a reminder email to complete the review.

  • Once the complete button has been clicked, the review cannot be edited or deleted. The view will change to a summary view with all the data displayed on a single screen to make it easier to review
  • As Reviews Admin you will be able to any review that is not fully complete.
  • A Reviews Admin can also reactivate a Review that has been set to complete. Note that you cannot delete a review that you reactivated yourself.
Deleting Reviews
  • As a Admin, you can delete any incomplete review. A review is deemed to be incomplete at any point from when it is created, to when the employee completes their feedback. Deleting a review is permanent and can not be restored.
Archiving Reviews
  • As an Admin, you can archive any review for which you are the reviewer.
  • You can do this at any stage of the review process. These archived reviews will be visible to admins and reviewers and will not appear on the employee timeline. Archived reviews can be un-archived

Running reports
  • Reviews includes a suite of detailed reports which can be accessed from the reports section 


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