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What exactly is Reviews?

Reviews is your way to engage and communicate with your employees, to request reviews and to leave feedback for your employees on HRlocker.

HRLocker believes in Open and Transparent workplaces so we have built a review system that allows a two way communication between employees and managers.

Reviews settings for Managers

  • The Admin must enable the managers Reviews to enable them to have the Reviews tab.
  • The Admin has the option to also give the manager Read Only Access to certain Offices and employees.
  • This will give the Manager access to read selected reviews that they are not the reviewer for.

Understanding your Reviews screen.

  • Reviews is broken up into two main sections, your employee list, and the review panels
  • The Employee list includes yourself and any employees who you have been assigned to review
  • The employee list has filters to help you find who you are looking for.
  • Your employees have a dashboard which will display some basic information about their annual leave, sick leave and training assigned to the.
  • There will be an Icon next to their name if they have reviews that require attention
  • The review panels allow you to schedule reviews, and displays reviews that have been scheduled or have been completed.

Admins and Managers have access to the Reviews dashboard for each employee. Clicking the icon next to the employee's name will open a window with some details of the employee's leave, training and sickness record. The dashboard will show sick days taken in the current leave year, as well as sick leave from the previous rolling 12 month period 

Scheduling a review
  • As a manager, you can schedule a review for any employee that you have been assigned to manage. Scheduling a review will automatically send an email to your employee asking them to accept the review. It will also include an Ical link to add this to their calendar.

  • Once the employee accepts the review, you will get an email saying that it has been accepted and you can add the appointment to your calendar.
  • Employees can schedule their own reviews by clicking Schedule New Review, selecting the review type, choosing a date and a time and pressing the Confirm button. This will generate an email to their manager asking them to accept, or reschedule the review.

    The Review Timeline
  • Scheduled Reviews are displayed in a timeline.
  • You can select the review by clicking on it. The colour of the review indicates it's status and there is a legend on screen to state what each colour means.


Completing the review

  • If an employee has requested a review, you will have the option to either accept or reschedule the review.

  • Enter your text into the text fields. Some tabs require both manager and employee input, and others are just for either the employee or the manager.
  • If the ratings are enabled, then these need to be completed before the manager can complete the review.
  • Documents can be uploaded in the Review tab for the Manager, and Employee Feedback tab for employees.
  • The Manager needs to complete their part of the review before the employee can complete their feedback. If the manager has not completed all the relevant fields, then the complete button will not be available until all sections are complete.
  • Once the manager has completed the relevant fields they can save the review.
  • Click share to email the reviewee to make them aware of the changes.
  • Once the review is completed by both the manager and the employee, the complete button will be available.
  • Once the complete button is clicked, the review cannot be edited or deleted. The view will change to a summary view with all the data displayed on a single screen to make it easier to review.

    Deleting Reviews
  • Only an Admin can delete reviews, and they can only delete incomplete reviews. A review is deemed to be incomplete at any point from when it is created, to when the employee completes their feedback. Deleting a review is permanent and can not be restored later.

    Archiving Reviews
  • As a Manager, you can archive any review at any stage. These archived reviews will be visible to admins and reviewers and will not appear on the employee timeline. Archived reviews can be un-archived

Running reports

  • Reviews includes a suite of detailed reports which can be accessed from the reports section. You need to be granted reports access to be able to see these.


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