Using RTR to hold reviews for remote workers

Using RTR to hold reviews for remote workers RTR Remote working, video documents, Real-Time Reviews

RTR was designed to be flexible and usable for all kinds of workers, whether you work from home, or on-site, or you spend a lot of time on the road. RTR makes it possible to hold your reviews at any time and in any place using our cloud-based software.

Check out our articles for Employees,  Managers, and Admins for detailed instructions on how to get the most out of RTR

RTR allows both the employee and the manager to host documents of up o 50mb in size. These documents can be in most common file formats, including video files. (MP4 and AVI).  (For large files, it may take a few minutes to upload, but you can continue to use RTR as it is uploaded in the background.)

Using RTR you can hold a remote review using a video conferencing platform of your choice, and when the review is over, you can download this file and upload it to HRLocker along with comments and the supporting documentation.

The Manager can upload documents under tab 3 of RTR, and the employee can upload documents under Tab 4

To download a video review, follow the instructions provided by your video conferencing service. Usually, the person who scheduled the call has an option to record the call. When the call is over, this person can usually download the file in a format of their choice.

If the file is more than 50mb it would need to be compressed before it can be uploaded to HRLocker