Assigning Hourly Annual Leave to an employee

Assigning Hourly Annual Leave to employee time off, annual leave, Hourly Leave

Before you can assign an employee to Hourly Annual leave, it must be enabled by an admin for your company and activated in that employee's office

Once this has been completed any Admin or manager with directory access can update their employees with the Hourly time-off system.

What is the Hourly Annual Leave system and how does it work?

Hourly annual leave must be applied to the full leave year. Switching mid-year will convert all existing leave requests from days into hours based on the number of hours they worked in their work pattern for that day.

Turning on Hourly leave will display their annual leave allocation in Hours rather than days, The employee's manager will allocate them a set number of annual leave hours for that year

How to activate accrued annual leave for your employees

To do this, you need to

  • Select Directory on the black ribbon
  • Locate the employee
  • Press View
  • In the employee's Summary page, press Edit next to their Annual leave entitlement
  • When you click Edit, you'll see the below screen. To turn on Hourly leave just select this option from the 'Annual leave calculations' dropdown menu
  • When you select Hourly leave, a popup window will appear asking you to confirm how many hours are in a standard day for annual leave purposes. This value is required to allow us to convert any manual adjustments or carryover from Days into Hours.
  • When you have entered a value here, click Change and you will then be able to set the employee's annual leave allocation in hours. (This would usually be the value you entered or how many hours are in 1 leave day, multiplied by how many days of annual leave the employee was previously allocated