Creating Teams and Assigning Employees

Teams reporting structure HRLocker allows you to create Teams and assign employees to them.

Creating Teams

In order to create a team you need to:

  • Log into HRLocker as an Admin
  • Press the Settings Icon on the Black Ribbon
  • Click on Teams on the green ribbon
  • Here you can add new Teams
  • You can edit the name of existing teams
  • You can Delete teams (only if the team has no members assigned to it)
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Assigning employees to teams

In order to assign employees to teams you or a manager with directory access can:

  • Locate the employee in the Directory
  • Click View
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  • In their Summary tab, scroll down to the Teams section
  • Click on the dropdown menu and tick the box next to each team this employee is a member of
  • Press submit to save your changes
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Reporting on Teams

Most of the reports have filters that include Teams. The exceptions are HRDocs and CPD.

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There is also a new report called 'Team Structure' which is in the Employee tab of HRLocker Reports

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