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CPD - Employees can create their own CPD records

CPD - Employees can create their own CPD records How to create CPD Records as an Employee

On HRLocker, Employees have the facility to create their own Continuous Professional Development records. This is a setting that needs to be enabled by an administrator. If it is enabled, when you click on the 'CPD' button on the black ribbon, you will see a screen like the one below

If you click on 'Register my own training' you will open a window asking you to either select an existing training course from a list, or to record a new training item

If you select an item from the list, you will see this screen asking you to complete the details of your training and submit a certificate as evidence (if the training is marked as 'certified'

If you selected 'Record New' in the option above, you will be asked to create a new CPD item using the screen below

Note, you only need to record a new CPD item if there isn't already a suitable item created in your company or office. Your manager might already have a training type created to be used to record your training. Check with them first if you're not sure.

Once your training is recorded, it will be submitted to your 'CPD validator' who will check the details and validate it, or reject it with instructions for how to resubmit it.