Manager Permissions explained

Manager Permissions explained Managers, Admin, Adding Manager, Adding Admin, Permission, Access

At HRLocker, we understand that your employee's data is all extremely sensitive and  access should be strictly on 'a need to know basis'

In order to facilitate this, the HRLocker platform allows you to protect different categories of data by assigning them different access rights.

Lets get started

  1. Log in as an Administrator
  2. Open the directory and select the manager you wish to edit access for.
    2021-03-08 at 14.17.13

 3. Navigate to the manager's 'Permissions' section

Here we can see that this manager has all of her permissions turned off. This is the default for all new managers.

2021-03-08 at 14.18.44

Assuming she is not an approver or direct report manager for any employees, this manager has exactly the same access as any 'regular employee'.

Most of the Manager Permissions can be turned to one of 3 options


ON (for subordinates only)

ON (For selected offices)

Let's go through the different permission options in the order as they appear in the Permissions screenshot above. If you want to skip to any specific one, just scroll down the page.


The TIME-ON permission can be turned OFF, turned ON (for subordinates only) or turned ON (for selected offices).

Time On permission allows this manager to access the management 'Time-On' screens for selected employees. The employees can be selected on the basis that they are subordinates for that manager, or by which office they are assigned to.

Below is the 'My Time On' tab from the manager's point of view. The manager has the same Time On screen as any other employee, except they also have the ability to choose to view a subordinate's timesheet via a drop-down menu on the top right of the screen. 

The manager can view and edit the details of timesheets and project hours for any un-submitted timesheets but the manager submits another employee's timesheet.

2021-03-29 at 12.56.34

Time On Permission also gives these managers the ability to approve Time Off in Lieu for eligible employees. If their timesheet shows more hours than their standard working week, and TOIL is turned on for this employee, then those additional hours will accumulate on that employee's TOIL balance. Time Off Approvers can then grant TOIL leave requests in the Time Off section

Next is the Unsubmitted tab. Here we can see this manager has one of his own timesheets in unsubmitted status, which he has the ability to submit for approval. His subordinate also has an unsubmitted timesheet. Alan cannot submit this himself, he needs to request that his employee does this themselves. Only the employee can submit their own timesheet.

2021-03-29 at 13.06.40

In the Awaiting tab, we can see that the manager can view his own timesheet that is awaiting approval. He can not approve his own timesheet as he is not set as his own Time On approver. He can, however, approve Danielle's timesheets as she is assigned to an office where he is a Time On approver. The manager can also edit the details on a timesheet awaiting approval. When an edit is made, this is recorded in a log which is viewable by the employee.

2021-03-29 at 13.28.32

The Archive section allows the manager to view timesheets which have been approved. All approved timesheets go into the archive by default. These can be reactivated and sent back to the employee in unsubmitted status.

The 'Projects' tab allows a manager with Time On approver permission to create projects, and assign employees to these projects.

Once an employee is assigned to a project, they will then be able to log hours in their timesheet and assign them to that project.

2021-03-29 at 13.34.09

2021-03-29 at 13.34.34


The Time Off permission can be turned Off, turned ON (for subordinates only) or turned ON (for selected offices).

Time Off permission allows this manager to access the management 'Time Off' screens for selected employees. The employees can be selected on the basis that they are subordinates for that manager, or by which office they are assigned to.

The manager will be able to view the Time Off summary screen for selected employees.

2021-03-29 at 13.41.38

The Manager will be able to view, approve or reject holiday requests for employees they have access to.

2021-03-29 at 13.46.26

A manager with permission for 'Time-off' enabled will also be able to submit and approve holidays for employees on their behalf. (The system will record and display the date and the name of anyone who submits and approves holidays for transparency and reporting.)

A manager with Time-Off permission will also be able to make manual adjustments to annual leave for employees via the screen below. (they cannot make manual adjustments to their own annual leave). To access this screen, click the 'Manual Adjustments' button in the 'My Time Off' screen while a subordinate employee is selected.

2021-03-29 at 13.49.00-1

2021-03-29 at 13.49.32

Time off permission also allows these managers to manage eligible employee's Time Off in Lieu (TOIL). Time-on approvers can approve the granting of TOIL for employees by via their timesheets, and Time Off permission allows managers to make manual adjustments to TOIL and to approve TOIL leave requests. Time-Off Permission will also allow these managers to view the TOIL balance for eligible employees. 


The REPORTS permission can be turned OFF, turned ON (for subordinates only) or turned ON (for selected offices).

A manager will have access to the reports screen if the 'Reports' permission is turned on. They can be granted reports access to either subordinates, or to employees at selected offices. There is no limit to the number of selected offices a manager can be granted access to.

When a manager runs a report, the report will only include personal data from employees who are either subordinates or are assigned to one of those selected offices. Higher level reports such as headcount reports are not restricted, but any report that includes sensitive personal data will only be available to managers who have been granted access to that data. 

For example, a manager with reports permission turned on, but with directory, permission turned off, will have restricted access to the directory reports.
2021-03-29 at 13.53.28

The reports can be viewed using the graphical interface on the website, or they can be downloaded in spreadsheet format for further analysis offline.


HR Docs permission can be turned OFF, turned ON (for subordinates only) or turned ON (for selected offices).

Granting a manager access to HR Docs allows them to view the HR Docs management screens. The manager can view and sign their own Essential and Other HR docs and they have view only access to these page for the employees who are subordinates, or are in selected offices.

Manager Perms 1

The manager also gains access to the 'Manage' tab. This allows them to upload HR documents and assign them to selected employees, or all employees in the selected offices within his/her remit.

Manager Perms 2

If the company needs to assign HR docs to the all employees in a company, this can be done by an Administrator.


The Directory permission can be turned OFF, turned ON (for subordinates only) or turned ON (for selected offices).

There is an additional box to select 'Hide Comps & Bens'. If this box is ticked, then the manager will not have access to data relating to employees Salaries, Bonuses or Benefits.

Allowing Directory access enables the 'View' button on the directory tab for selected employees. The manager can also send or resend the invite emails to new employees from this page.

Manager Perms 3

If a manager without directory permission turned on clicks view on one of their subordinates, they can see the summary page for that employee but can not edit their details. 

If directory access has been granted, then the manager can view all that employee's data (unless 'Hide Comps & Bens' has been ticked) and the manager can also edit the personal and employment details of that employee.

If a manager edits personal details for the employee, then the employee will get an email notification advising them of this.

Manager Perms 4

A manager with directory permission has access to all the same settings as explained here (click below). 


The Settings permission can be toggled OFF/ON. If turned on, the manager has access to the Settings tab on the Black Ribbon and can edit the office settings for their own office only.

For the managers office, they can edit the details of that office using the edit button.

The settings for the office are broken down into 4 categories:

  • Time on
  • TIme Off
  • CPD 
  • Benefits

TIME ON - Office Settings

TIME OFF - Office Settings

CPD - Office Settings
For the Manager to have access to the CPD office settings, they also need the CPD permission turned on.

BENEFITS - office Settings

In order for a manager to access this settings screen, they need to have directory permission enabled and 'Hide Comps & Bens' box must not be selected.


The CPD screen is where Certificates and Professional Development records are stored on HR locker.

A manager with CPD permission can view other employees' CPD records if they are subordinates or are assigned to selected offices. They can also manage certificates for these employees and send out a request for training requirements (if this setting is enabled at office level).

Manager perms 8

They can also send an email to all employees under their supervision asking them to submit training requests. The employees can then request training from their own CPD page (if this feature is enabled in the office settings).

The manager can also validate the CPD certs for any employee that lists them as a CPD Validator in their settings page. When an employee uploads a certificate, the manager can view it and either reject it, or validate it.

The Manage CPD screen is where a manager can create,  assign or delete CPD items to offices, departments or individual employees, where the employees can engage with them from their own CPD screens.

Manager Perms 5Manager perms 6

The CPD Logs screen allows the manager to view a full record of CPD activities for selected employees.

manager perms 7