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Employee can record their own training on CPD

Employee can record their own training on CPD

An employee is now able to create their own CPD items without the item being assigned to them. 

This needs to be enabled for the office in the settings area,

2021-02-22 at 12.45.43

2021-02-22 at 12.48.56

When this option is enabled, your employees will be able to log onto HRLocker, Click on their CPD button on the black ribbon, and they will see the screen below

2021-02-22 at 12.43.35

To record their training, they just need to click ''Register my own Training'. They will then be asked to either select one of the existing training items from the dropdown menu, or to create a new one

2021-02-22 at 12.51.41

If its an existing training type, they just need to add a record, Update the details of the training upload a certificate and submit it for approval

2021-02-22 at 12.58.27


If they need to add a new Training type, they'll also need to create the CPD item. This should be named something that describes what it is, but is not so specific that it can not be re-used by others who want to record similar training

2021-02-22 at 13.05.28