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The Employee Engagement Net Promoter Score feature is available to customers on our Premium Plus package. This allows you to ask your employees for regular feedback through HRLocker and to get the Net Promoter Score based on the results of the survey.
The survey is not anonymous. Admins and Managers will be able to identify the employees responses through the reports. This gives the employees the opportunity to leave comments and suggest improvements where necessary.

  • Log in as an admin
  • Click Settings in the black ribbon
  • Click Company in the Green Ribbon
  • Scroll down to see the NPS section
  • Enter the text of the question you would like to ask
  • Enter the left and right labels for the scale
  • Enter a follow up question 
  • Select the frequency of the survey (either every Friday, or the Last Friday of the Month, or Never
  • Choose whether to display this score to your employees on their dashboard (unticking this box reserves it for Admins only)
    NPS Engagement

Once you have created the survey, it will appear to your employees either Every Friday, or on the Last Friday of the Month

When they answer the question, they will be asked the follow up question

They need to enter a response and press submit
Their response will be captured and displayed as an NPS score on the dashboard

The NPS score is calculated by taking the difference beteen the percentage of Net Promoters, and Net Detracters and summing them:
Eg, if 50 people leave a detractor score, and 50 People leave a Promoter score, the calculation is -50 + 50 = 0

The score on the dashboard will update on the day the period ends, So the score will always reflect the score as of the previous Friday/Month

A Promoter is anyone who scores 9 or 10
A Neutral score is anyone who scores 7 or 8
A Detractor is anyone who scores 6 or below

Interpreting the results:
The higher the NPS score, the better. A score above zero means that on balance, there are more promoters than detractors, this is good but would need improvement. A NPS score between 30 an 50 would indicate a strong performance, From 50 to 70 would be excellent, and 70+ is considered extremely positive

You should evaluate the score based on the question you ask your expected result, and what feedback you get through the comments left by employees.

The NPS scores can also be downloaded in a new report in the Employee area of the reports section. This will include a list of the employees who have responded, their scores, and the comments they left.

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