How Employees can update their Bank and Tax details.

How Employees can update their Bank and Tax details. PPS Number, IBAN, BIC, Bank Account, Sort Codes, National Insurance Number

Here at HR locker we want to make life as easy as possible for everyone, so when a new employee signs up they can upload their own bank account details and tax number through their 'Personal' tab.

If the employee is a new hire or have just moved to HRLocker,  when they click the welcome link, the relevant screen will be automatically displayed on first sign on. If they want to access the page later on, they can follow the steps below.

  1. The employee logs in with their email and password
  2. Click on the employee's name

3. Click on the Personal tab on the green ribbon and scroll down

2021-02-22 at 13.15.36

Here the employee can update their bank account details and the Tax Number for themselves.

2021-02-22 at 13.16.57

4. The employee must click SUBMIT to save the data.

5. If the customer changes their bank details during the course of their employment, they can edit this screen to input their new bank details. Their line manager will be automatically emailed to advise them of the change.

6. An administrator is also able to edit this page if required