How sick leave is displayed

How sick leave is displayed


  1. Log on as administrator (Carmel Contract in this example).
  2. Select Time Off from the black ribbon.
  3. Select Who’s off from the green ribbon.
  4. Change drop down to office of choice. (Ireland in our example)
  5. Note that Alan has one recorded sick day for this month.

6. If Alan logs on himself, he can see his own sick day.


7. If his colleague Liz logs on, (they work in the same office), she sees the sick day (6th of July) as time approved.

8. We are adding three managers to this office.

9. Manager one, with no permissions, Mark ManagerNO_P.

10. Mark logs on looks at Who’s off and sick leave is displayed as approved leave.

11. Manager two, with permissions for his subordinates only Noel Manager With_P_subonly.

12. We have created a new employee Sheila Sugre, she reports to Noel.
13. Noel will be able to see her sick record from last Friday.
14. Existing employee Liz tester, reports to someone else but has Noel as her “time off” approver.
15. Noel can NOT see her sick record for today 18/07/2016.

16. Manager three, with permissions for the entire offices is Owen Manager_withP_office.

17. When Owen logs on and looks at who’s off, he can see ALL sick records in his own office. (including sick record for Alan, whom he reports to).

18. If he looks at who’s off for a different office, he has no view of sick leave records.