How to add custom fields to HRLocker

HRLocker allows you to add up to 6 fields to your directory to allow you to collect information that is relevant to your business

In order to activate this, you need to sign in as an Administrator on HRLocker

  • Click on the Settings button on the black ribbon
  • Under Company Settings scroll down to the 'Custom Fields' section near the bottom of the page

  • Click  
  • Give your Custom Field a Name
  • Add up to 5 more fields
  • Press Submit to save your changes

To enter employee data in these fields, you can click on any employee's name on the directory and then select their 'Personal' tab

The Custom Fields will be at the bottom of the Personal tab.

Remember to press submit when you're done.

Who can update these fields?

  • Any admin can update these fields for all employees on HRLocker.
  • A manager can update their employees if they have been granted access to their directory via their Manager Permissions screen.
  • The employee can update their own records in their own personal tab

Who can see the information in these fields

  • Any admin can see the data through the Personal tab, or the Directory Export report
  • Any manager who has access to that employee's directory pages, or has access to them via the reports, may see this data
  • The employee's themselves will see these fields in their own HRLocker page.