How to assign Primary Admin

How to assign Primary Admin


On HRLocker the Primary Admin is the default point of contact between your company and HRLocker support. There must always be a primary admin assigned at all times which is why changing this can be a little bit like a game of musical chairs.

If you are currently the primary administrator and you want to make another administrator the primary admin, this is very easy. You just need to locate that person on the directory and tick the box labelled 'primary administrator' on their Summary page.      

How to assign primary admin

Any Admin can make themselves Primary Administrator at any time. However once they are the primary admin, they cannot simply un-check this box , nor can they make themselves 'A Manager' or 'A Regular Employee' because to do so would leave the company without any designated primary admin.

First they need to hand the role of Primary admin  to another employee.

Lets use an example to explain this

There are 3 employees in a company.

By default their HRLocker subscription allows them to have 2 administrators on their account. 

John and Mary are both admins, Julie is 'A regular employee'.
John is currently the Primary admin.
John wants to make Julie the new Primary and make himself a manager. John has a couple of options.
He can ask Mary to complete these steps in order:

  1. Mary Makes Herself the 'Primary Administrator'.
  2.  Mary changes John to be 'A Manager'. 
  3. Mary makes Julie 'An Administrator'.
  4. Mary assigns Julie the role of 'Primary Administrator'.
  5. Mary or Julie then assigns the necessary Manager Permissions to John.

If Mary isn't available and John wants to make this change without her, he can do it in this order:

  1. John makes Mary 'A Manager'.
  2. John makes Julie 'An Administrator'.
  3. John makes Julie the 'Primary Administrator'.
  4. Julie makes John 'A Manager'.
  5. Julie makes Mary 'An Administrator'.
  6. Julie grants John the necessary manager permissions.

Being an admin on HRLocker grants that user a lot of access to personal data and privileges to make changes to other users' profiles. It also allows them trusted status when interacting with HRLocker support. If at any time one of your admins leaves your company, it is important that you remove their administrator privileges when they leave. This will help protect your employee's personal data and maintain the integrity of your HR systems.