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How to create a CPD item non mandatory

How to create a CPD item non mandatory


1. Log on as admin. (or manager with CPD permissions turned on)

Alan is our example –is a Manager with permission turned on for entire office.
2. Select CPD from the black ribbon.
3. Select Manage CPD from the green ribbon.
4. Select Add to create a new CPD item.

5. Add name, description, a date if required and a document if relevant.

In my example –          no date or document is included.

CPD task – was a 2 hour chat about MINDFULLNESS

6. Click submit.

7. The new CPD item is listed in the Manage CPD section, with other CPD items.

8. Select Assign to assign this item to the relevant employees. (David and Simone in our example)

9. Add a date (31st of May in our example) and select Non Mandatory.


10. The item now appear on “My CPD” for the selected employees you assigned it to.

11. So for employee Simone Rally, when she logs in she would see the following.

12. Simone can attach a “Certificate” – any word document… like I used here.

13. “Add cert” and note no expiry date.

14. The CPD item is now listed for Simone as complete.