How to create a mandatory holiday

How to create a mandatory holiday

  1. Log on as an administrator.
  2. Select Settings from the black ribbon.
  3. Select Offices from the green ribbon. (Example office: Galway)
  4. Select the TIME OFF button for the relevant office.
    Screen Shot 2021-02-19 at 11.11.02
  5. Go to the Time off section.
  6. Select the ADD button.
    2021-02-19 at 11.17.12

7. Give an appropriate name, example “Christmas Holidays”

8. Put in the appropriate date (28/12/2021 on this occasion).

2021-02-19 at 11.18.41

9. Select the tick box, so this day WILL be deducted from your employee's Annual leave allowance.

10. Click submit.

11. Repeat steps 6 to 10 for any other mandatory office days.

2021-02-19 at 11.25.46

12. Note if you have more than one office, you will need to create the holidays in each office.
13. Select Time Off from the black ribbon.
14. Select Who’s Off from the green ribbon.
15. Select the appropriate office from the drop-down box as appropriate. (Head Office in our example)
16. Select December and confirm the week is marked in Blue as Annual Leave. 

2021-02-19 at 11.29.43

17. Note if you change the drop-down box to all Offices, you will see the Office Holiday is only marked for employees in the “Head Office” office.

18. Note:

The “Head Office” office gives their employees one extra day – usually Christmas Eve.

Given as 23/12/2021 for this example.

2021-02-19 at 11.31.12

This day is created as in steps 2 to 10 above, but leaving the tick box unticked.

So the day off is NOT taken from employees Annual Leave.

It is displayed in green on Who’s off.