How to create TOIL as a leave type

Time Off in Lieu leave type in an office, TOIL settings for office and employee,

If your company is on our Professional package or above, you will have the option of turning on our Time Off in Lieu system for your employees

TOIL works in conjunction with our timesheets and it can be used to allow some flexibility in your workforce to allow your employees to work additional hours when they are needed, and then take that time off in lieu.

  • Log on as admin
  • Select Settings from the black ribbon.
  • Select Offices from the left ribbon.
  • Select the TIME OFF button for the office you wish to add TOIL leave for.

  • Scroll to the Time-Off Request & Rostering Request Types section.
  • Select Add.

  • The new TOIL leave type can now be seen in the Time-Off Request & Rostering Request Types section.

This TOIL leave type can now be selected by any employee in the office this leave type was created for. 

If you have multiple offices , you will need to create a TOIL leave type for each office.

Note-TOIL needs to be enabled for an employee for them to be able to book a leave that deducts from TOIL. This can be done at Office level or by individual employee settings.

How to enable TOIL at office and individual level

  • Log into HRLocker as an Admin
  • Click on the Settings Button on the black ribbon
  • Click on the 'Offices' button on the left-hand side
  • Next to an office, click on the 'Settings' button
  • In the settings dropdown, click on 'Time Off'
  • Scroll down to Time Off in Lieu

  • Enable TOIL
  • TOIL can be booked by half or full day 
    or you have the option to tick Book TOIL leave by the Hour to give employees the option to choose a custom amount of hours.
  • Add in the amount of working hours per week.
  • Ensure that the hours for the standard working week matches the number of

    hours in the employees work pattern.

Timesheets must be enabled for TOIL to accrue

  • Choose how TOIL expires

  • These settings can be applied to all employees at his office, or can be done individually

For a more detailed description of the different TOIL expiry types see here

Never and On a Fixed Date are tracked separately to After a Set Length of Time.

Changing employee settings between these types will affect employee TOIL balance.

You will need to make a Manual Adjustment to correct the balance.

Run a TOIL report before making the changes to the settings and make a note of the employees TOIL Balance. After changing the settings, you can make the necessary manual adjustment to correct the TOIL balance.

To apply settings at an individual level go to directory, employee, settings

  • Negative TOIL can be set in individual employee settings.

Now if your employee submits a timesheet with more hours than their standard working week, after the timesheet is approved, the surplus hours will be automatically applied to that employee's TOIL balance.