How to edit an annual leave

How to edit an annual leave


EXAMPLE: Liz was on 20 days AL, this is being increased to 22 from 01/02/2016.



  1. Log as administrator
  2. Select Directory from the black ribbon.
  3. Select the View button for the employee you wish to update.
  4. The Employee details open with the Summary tab automatically open on the green ribbon.

5. Select the Edit button for Annual Leave days per year*.
6. Select the button to “Add new holiday entitlement rate”.

7. In the first row, this details the old holiday entitlement (20) and you need to update the end date only. (In example – 31/01/2016)
8. Select Save.
9. In the second row, this details the new holiday entitlement (22) and you need only change the AL amount, the date is automatically updated when you updated row 1.
10. In our example, this would 22

11. Select Save.
12. Liz Tester is now updated and her new AL entitlement is 22 days.