How to Enable or Disable Timesheets

How to Enable or Disable Timesheets Turn timesheets on or off David Rynne

How to enable timesheets for an employee

  • Logon to HRLocker as ADMIN / Manager.
  • Select Directory from the Black ribbon.
  • Select View for the Employee you wish to enable timesheets for.

(fig 1)

  • The employee record opens for the employee 
  • Select Settings on the green tab. 
  • Note: the employee does not currently have timesheets enabled.

(fig 2)

  • Select the tick box. 
  • The Start time, Break time and End times are all populated based on the office settings for the employee but these can be edited for individuals here.
  • Click Submit.  

(Fig 3)

  • If you wish to turn on Clock-in for this employee, tick the box and you will be offered an additional option to turn on geolocation.

(Fig 4)

  •  information about Clock-in and geolocation can be found in these help documents.
  • The timesheet for the employee displays as follows without clockin enabled

(Fig 5)

  • When timesheets have clock-in enabled, they look like this for the employee

(Fig 6)

  • In order to turn off timesheets, the admin or manager can simply untick the 'enable' timesheet box for the employee in their 'settings page' see (fig 2) above.
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