Payroll Setup and Edit Payments

How to make a manager a Payroll Manager and Edit Payroll Payments


Note-Please ensure you have the correct plan with HRLocker to gain access to Payroll features

HR Professional and HR Premium plans will give you access to these features


Steps to enable a Payroll Manager

  • Log in to HRLocker as Administrator
  • Click Directory from the black ribbon 
  • Choose either a manager or admin you would like to be payroll manager
  • For Admins the option to be a payroll manager is in their Summary page. 
  • Check the option to enable this admin as a Payroll Manager and click submit
  • For Managers the option to be a payroll manager is in their Permissions tab.
  • In the managers Permissions Tab under Directory, there is the option for Payroll manager. 
  • Please note that Comps and Bens cannot be hidden for Payroll managers


Steps to Edit Payroll Payments

1. Click Settings from the Black Ribbon from Above

2. Click settings 

3. Click Offices from the left 

4. Select Payroll from the drop-down menu

payroll settings

5. From this page (show below) you can edit the payroll settings and payments. 

payroll edit

Additional Note

If you are having issues with this set up, please contact support