How to request Annual leave as an employee?

How to request Annual leave as an employee?


  1. Log on to HRLocker at the following site.
  3. In our example, Damien Drilly is the employee who logs on.
  4. Damien is presented with the following screen.

5. He selects Time Off from the black ribbon.

6. The My Time off tab is automatically highlighted on the green ribbon.

7. Damien selects the type of leave as Annual leave, tomorrow as the start and end date.

8. Clicks submit.

9. You can see this request for tomorrow is listed for Damien.

10. He also requests the first week off in November.

11. You can see both requests now listed for Damien.

12. His manager logs on and sees the request, she rejects the first request for the 12th as it is so soon to the request.

13. She approved the second request for 5 days holiday.

(Note the holiday – only requires 4 days annual leave, the 31st is a bank holiday and not deducted from the employees total.)

14. When a leave request is rejected, the employee will receive an email like the following example to Frances.

15. If the leave is approved another email is sent, like the following example to Frances

Please note the following:

An employee can delete their own time off request when it is in the submitted state.

If the request is approved, they cannot delete the request, they must contact their manager.

There are different leave types available, depending on how the office is set up.

An employee can choose the relevant leave type and submit the request using eh appropriate leave type…

Example below: