HRLocker Features

HRLocker Features Quick description of Time on, Time off HR docs & Directory

Time On/Timesheets


This is our Time on section where employees can clock in and clock out, They can also record time spent on a project, at the end of the week they submit their timesheet for approval by the line manager.


You can assign an employee to multiple IP addresses. This will ensure they clock in within these approved IP addresses. If an employee clocks in outside of this UP address they can still clock in but it will be highlighted in yellow and marked as unauthorized location.

Once the time sheets have been approved they will be stored in the archived section. These can be viewed at any time and reported on.

You can build different projects up in the projects section and assign specific projects to specific offices, departments, or employees.

Time off:
In the time off section, employees can see how much annual leave they have and book their holidays through the system and these can be declined or approved by their manager. You can also record sick leave and upload certs against these days. This is a useful tool if you have a sick leave problem in the workplace as you can report all of this information from the system.

The booking of annual leave is very simple and user friendly to the employee.

The who’s off calendar allows employees to see who’s off and to check if it clashes with them. The managers can also view the who’s off calendar to see if too many employees have booked off a certain day and decline their holiday.

CPD/ Training Records
The CPD section allows employees to upload certs against different CPD items that have been assigned to them i.e Safepass, Manual Handling, It also manages the expiry dates so the manager and employee will get a reminder prior to the cert expiring. There is also very useful reporting functionality from the feature.

You can build up as many CPD items as you like and assign them accordingly

You can also record and view all of the certs in the system


HR Docs/ Digital signatories
You can assign documents to employees that they have to digitally sign. The manager and employee have easy access to that document thereafter, this is very useful for the employee handbook for example if any updates are made to it, You can easily assign it to the employee to ensure that they have been updated efficiently.

Employee Directory
There is also the employee directory where you can store all your employee information.

Personal, terms of employment, contract agreements, salary, and benefits.

You can report all the information out to excel and specify the report to your needs by office, department, employees, and dates


We also provide full support to all our customers and if you ever have an issue with HRLocker a quick message into our support bubble always gets a prompt reply.

We also are mobile compatible and it is easy to use all functionality of HRLocker on devices and mobile phones.