HRLocker Apps User Guide

HRLocker provides a range of mobile apps for clocking in and out of your HRLocker timesheets and for accessing HRLocker on your mobile device. If you have any difficulty with our Apps, please follow the steps below.

1. Check that you are using the correct app

HRLocker provides a Clock-in App, called 'HRLocker Time-On App' on IOS, and Android

We also provide a general app that allows access to the full range of HRLocker services. This is simply called HRLocker. Only people who have clockin enabled for their HRLocker profile will be able to log into the HRLocker Time On App.

Any active HRLocker user should be able to log into our general app as long as the login credentials are correct and you have a reliable connection to the internet.

2. For the Clock-in App, check that you have clockin enabled for your HRLocker profile

If you log into HRLocker using the web portal   Click on the 'Time On' section on the black ribbon and you should see the 'Clock in' button underneath the timesheet. If this button is not there, then Clockin is not enabled for your profile and you will not be able to log into the time on app. If you need Clockin enabled, contact your manager or HRLocker admin who can enable it for you. 

3. If clock-in is enabled but you still cannot log in.

Check your internet connection, you can only log into the app if you have an internet connection via WIFI or mobile broadband.

Check that your login details are correct. Your username is the email address you use to log into HRLocker. Try to log into HRLocker. If you are unable to log in with your credentials, your account may be locked or there may be an issue with your profile. If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it using the forgotten password link on the login page. If you have forgotten your login email address, or if you do not receive the forgotten password link, contact your manager and ask them to check your email address and the status of your HRLocker profile.

If you request a password reset, it is a good idea to update your temporary password on before trying to log into the app. (the old password is the temporary password from the email you just received)

When typing your email and password, do not leave any spaces, and take care to ensure that any special characters in your credentials are entered correctly.

4. Compatibility

The HRLocker apps are built to work with the latest versions of Android and IOS operating systems. We do our best to also accommodate older devices, but we can not guarantee that all of the features will work on older devices or devices that are not updated to recent operating systems. 

HRLocker does not support modified, 'Rooted' or 'Jailbroken' devices. If your device is rooted or jailbroken, or running a non standard version of Android (for example, Amazon fire tablets) we can not guarantee that the apps will run consistently.

5. Installing the apps.  

HRLocker's apps are available on the Android Play store, and the IOS App store by searching for HRLocker. The clock in app is called 'HRLocker Time-On App'. This is for clocking in using mobile devices only. The general mobile app is just called 'HRLocker' and this should provide access to all HRLocker features on your mobile device.

When installing the app, you will be asked to grant permissions for HRLocker to access location data and to send it to HRLocker. You may be asked for other permissions depending on the the services you are accessing. HRLocker will never sell or give away any of you data and we only request access to permissions that are essential for the proper functioning of the application. If you do not grant permission for these services, the app will not perform as intended.

Occasionally your device may update the required permissions for apps on your phone and you may be asked to confirm permission to access and send location data. You will need to grant permission to these notifications in order to use the apps.

If you refused permission to any security setting, you can reset your app in your device settings, or alternatively, you can uninstall the app and re-install it from the app store.

6. Updating the apps

HRLocker will periodically update our apps in the Android and IOS stores. We will send out a notification if this is a required update. It is advisable to set up your device to keep apps up to date automatically

7. Privacy 

HRLocker does not track your location at any time other than at the moments you choose to clock in, clock out, or take a break. HRLocker will record your location at this moment and send it to HRLocker where your Managers will be able to view your location at the time you recorded your time.

HRLocker does not monitor your location when the app is not in use, however, we may try to send previously collected data if you clocked in at a time when your phone did not have a reliable internet connection. 

8. Location Accuracy

HRLocker uses the reported location from your devices location services. The accuracy of this location can vary depending on whether your device is using a GPS signal, or is triangulating using a network signal,or if it is getting its location from an ISP indirectly. Modern phones will use either GPS or network location services and are usually accurate within a few tens of Metres. If your device does not have a network connection or a GPS receiver, it will use the location reported by your ISP. This can be very inaccurate at times and therefore it is not recommended to use the app on devices without built in network and GPS hardware.

9. Time and Date

HRLocker apps take the time and date settings from the device. If you notice that the times are being reported inaccurately, please ensure that your device is set up automatically sync with your network time and date, and that your time zone settings are all set up to automatically update based on your location. If you live on the border between two time zones, then set this to the time zone that  best matches your normal working day.

10. Contacting Support

If you have read through the information above and are still having difficulty with any of HRLocker's apps, please contact HRLocker support by entering your query in the support bubble . Make sure to leave your contact details and one of our agents will be in touch with you as soon as possible .