Why isn't my Job Appearing on Job Boards?

Why isn't my Job Appearing on Job Boards? If you have published your Job and it still hasn't appeared within a day or two there are a couple of reasons why this may be happening.

Hirelocker will submit all of your published jobs to your selected Jobs Boards, but these boards are seperate websites that have their own rules and guidelines for acceptable job postings. 

Firstly, be patient, It can take 24 hours for jobs to be updated from Hirelocker to certain Jobs Boards.

To make sure your job gets picked up, please make sure you adhere to the following guidelines

  1. Keep your job title clear and simple. (do not include extra information in the Job title, such as location, or a Job description. These can be included in the relevant fields in the rest of the form.)
  2. Do not include more than one city in the location field
  3. Do not include the city in the Job title.
  4. Keep your Job advertisements distinct from other Jobs you have currently published within your organisation for the same location. (If the job titles match existing advertisements, they may be flagged as duplicates)

If you feel you have followed these guidelines and still can not figure out why the jobs are being picked up by your preferred Jobs boards, please contact HRLocker support and we will investigate this for you.