Annual leave Summary Report

Annual leave Summary Report Leave for previous years, carryover, accrued leave, unused leave, terminated employees

To see how many days annual leave your employees have left for this year, for previous years, or to access annual leave data for terminated employees, you can run the Annual Leave Summary Report.

If you run the Annual leave summary report, this will show you the following data for your employees

  • Annual leave (this is the leave assigned to them in their Summary screen based on pro-rata calculations)
  • Accrued  (How much leave they have accrued since the start of the relevant leave year)
  •  Carried Over  (How much leave was carried over from the previous leave year)
  • Manual Adjustment (the total of any manual adjustments carried out in the relevant leave year)
  • Leave Taken (How much leave taken up to the date the report was run)
  •  Booked Ahead (approved leave in the future for this leave year based on the date the report was run)
  • Balance V Accrued               (This shows how more days they would be entitled to if they left the company on the date the report was run)
  •  Balance V Full Leave Year     (this is the figure showing the annual leave they have yet to take this year assuming they stay to the end of the year)
  •  Sick Days (How many sick days were taken on this year)
  • Certified (How many certified sick days were taken on this year)
  • Uncertified  (How many uncertified sick days were taken on this year)

You can see the report by: 

  • clicking 'Reports' on the Black ribbon
  • Then click  'Time off'  in the white ribbon.
  • Next click 'Downloads' on the left menu
  • And then the Download button for the 'Annual leave Summary' report 
  • To include terminated employees, make sure this box is ticked
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