How to terminate a Manager

How to terminate a Manager

Please note that you will need to reassign all of the chosen Manager's subordinates before you terminate their employment

  1. Log on as an administrator.
  2. To check who is reporting to a manager go to Reports-Employees.
  3. Managers Subordinates are listed and can be filtered by employee or by manager.
  4. Alternatively, you can check who is reporting to a manager by downloading the Directory Export and filtering for their name in columns M-Q

  5. After all subordinates that report to the chosen Manager have been reassigned, select the Directory from the black ribbon.
  6. Select View for the chosen Manager

  7. Select Terms of Employment from the left, white ribbon.

  8. You can list the end date for the employment of the Manager and click Submit

    — this will force the Manager's status to terminated on that date.

  9. Or you terminate the Manager directly by under the 'Account' heading

  10. Select terminated for the Account status field. 

  11. Click Submit to ensure the change is being updated 
  12. Back in the directory page, you can filter by active/terminated to view terminated employees