Adding work Patterns to Offices

Adding work Patterns to Offices Office work patterns

Once your admin has created your work patterns, the next step is to assign them to their relevant offices.

To do this, you need to be an Admin or a Manager with 'Settings' permissions for each office.

  • Log into HRLocker
  • Click on the Settings button on the black ribbon
  • Click on the Offices tab on the Green Ribbon
  • Click on the 'Settings' button next to your chosen office
  • Click on the Time On button in the drop down menu
  • In the above screen you can see the default work pattern for this office and the button to view or import work patterns to the office
  • Clicking on 'View' on your active work pattern will show you the details of that work pattern
  • Clicking on view/import button opens up a new screen as below which displays all the work patterns currently available in your office
  • Click 'Add' to get to the Import screen
  • Here you can select one or more company work patterns and import them into your office
  • You will see a list of available work patterns and some higher level details (the number of working hours per week and the number of working days per week)
  • You will be able to view each work pattern before deciding to import them to your office
  • Your Office will now have those new work patterns listed as available
  • One of your work patterns must be a default work pattern
  • Your default work pattern will be shown as the 'Active work pattern' for that office
  • Any new employees who are added to your office will be assigned the office default work pattern (unless they have their own work pattern already created for them)