How to terminate an employee

How to terminate an employee


Please note that if an employee was a Manager or an Administrator, all subordinates will have to reassigned before the system will let you terminate their employment.

see How to terminate a manager

  1. Log on as an administrator.
  2. Select the Directory from the black ribbon.
  3. In our example, I selected the Dublin office and can see two employees listed.

2021-02-05 at 10.18.564. Select View for the chosen employee (Rachel Green for our example)
5. Select Terms of Employment from the left, white ribbon.

2021-02-05 at 10.20.35
6. You can list the end date for the employment of Rachel and click Submit

–this will force Rachel's status to terminated on that date.

2021-02-05 at 10.22.54

7. Or you terminate the employee directly by under the 'Account' heading

8. Select terminated for the Account status field. 

2021-02-05 at 10.31.08

10. Click Submit.
11. Rachel is no longer listed for the Dublin office.

12. Select Terminated as a filter status and she is listed.

2021-02-05 at 10.34.57