How to terminate an employee

How to terminate an employee

  1. Log on as administrator.
  2. Select Directory from the black ribbon.
  3. In our example, I selected the Galway office and can see two employees listed.

4. Select View for the chosen employee (James O`Neill for our example)
5. Select Terms of Employment from the green ribbon.
6. You can list the end date for employment of James and click Submit

–this will force James's status to terminated on that date.

7. Or you terminate the employee directly by going to Settings on the green tab.
8. Scroll to the Account section.
9. Select terminated for the Account status field. 

10. Click Submit.
11. Paul is no longer listed for the Australian office.

12. Select Terminated as a filter status and he is listed.




If the employee was a manager or an Administrator you will have to remove all associations before you will be allowed terminate their employment.


There is a further document on how to check for and remove associations available, please request this document if you require it.