How to fill in timesheets to accrue TOIL

How to fill in timesheets to accrue TOIL - Presuming TOIL has been enabled for the OFFICE and EMPLOYEE


For employees to record their time, they need to fill in timesheets.


ONLY an employee can fill in their OWN timesheet. (Example: Joe Wicks)


  1. Employee logs in.
  2. Selects Time On from the Black ribbon.
  3. My time On is automatically highlighted,
  4. An employee can move between times sheets using the green buttons for previous week or next week or the calendar function.
    2021-02-19 at 09.30.24

5. An employee must save all changes, using the Save button.

6. When all changes complete, they must submit the time sheet for approval

7. Their manager will receive notification that a timesheet has been submitted.

8. They log on and can accept or reject this timesheet.

2021-02-19 at 09.32.29

9. His manager approves the timesheet.

10. When Joe logs back in, he can see the two hours accrued, in his TIME OFF section.